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  1.  We all should promise this to our dogs and pets, to make sure they are safe and happy their whole lives .

    your promise to  your dog and pet

     We would love to hear comments from people who agree with this statement 
  2. House training puppy in crateHouse Training for Puppies
     My 19 month old puppy is house trained but I never had a problem with him marking his territory. My dog can potty on command. I would recommend taking them outside often (every 30 minutes or hour at first) and tell them "potty". Dogs learn fast so you can gradually wait longer between potties. You can have a dog potty trained within a week or two if you spend enough time working on it. Take them out when you get up, after they eat, before you go to bed. Don't let them in the house after a walk until they go "potty". I don't recommend letting your dog out to potty off leash or in an area that isn't fenced . Too many bad things can happen. When the dogs potty praise them and give them a treat. You have to make the dog think that going potty outside is the greatest thing in the world. When the dog pees in the house you can't punish him for it, if you don't catch him in the act. When you catch him in the act say No in a stern voice and take him outside and tell him potty. This is how I did it with all of my dogs and it worked! My dog has a doggy door and hasn't had any accidents since he has been trained. Also getting them neutered will help with the territorial marking you can also use a crate to train your puppy.
  3. Dog Door Tips
    How to determine the size and placement of a dog door you need to be used in a door or in a wall.
    The top of the pet door opening should be approximately 1.5 to 2 inches above the dog’s shoulders . This way when the dog runs through the door, there is enough clearance to avoid hitting its back and causing injury.
    With an adequate distance between the dog's back and the flap connection it also ensures a longer flap life, because there is less pressure at the point of the flap connection.
    This height placement also ensures that the dog will not crouch down when using the door, which could result in stress related hip or back 
     The bottom of the dog door flap opening should be low enough to allow an easy step over for your dog.
    For Large Breed dogs that may be now or someday be arthritic or have mobility issues, they may  require a lower step over rise to make it easier for them to navigate the door flap opening as they age and become less agile, as they age their flexibility and mobility decreases.
    Pet owners with multiple pets that are different sizes use this tip for sizing.
    Size for the largest pet and the smallest pet then both will be able to use the same opening without discomfort or injury. Remember you also will want the pet door opening to be easy to navigate as your larger pet ages and becomes less active. Choose the size that clears the tallest dogs back by 1-2 inches and is low enough to the ground for the smallest dog to easily step over.
    Choosing the correct Dog door size for your dog is crucial to the health of your pet and the longevity of your pet door.
    Hope these help you with your dog door size and placement decisions. 
  4. 18g dog fence wire is now available in 1000 foot rolls for your convenience, when installing and electric dog fence or increasing the area covered by  your dog fence. It is also a little less expensive than buying 2 rolls of 500ft.  We have lots in stock. Check it out Here is the link to it.
  5. Well, I owe you a very big THANK YOU! Your K9 electric dog fence is the greatest thing. We fenced in 4 acres and my big Cléo has not once ran away since. Training was super easy and fast. I'm sure it's saved her life (and ours also). Without K9, I don't think we would have found a way to keep her home. Thank you so much. Louise P Havelock, QC
  6. We would love to know how your life or you dog's life has changed since since you got your Electric dog fence?
  7. Agreed!!!
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